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Why do women have a strong O in China, but a weak O in Taiwan?

O = Orgasm. @ “The truth” — Your long-winded answer is baffling and hopelessly obtuse. Are you suggesting that Taiwanese men are poor and Mainland Chinese men are rich? And that women make louder orgasms when having sex with rich men? Do you think that poor men are sexier...

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Content concerning fap Turbo Review – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Event on 2012-11-20 19:00:00 Carrie Underwood announces her North American tour, "Blown Away." Underwood comes to St. Louis on November 20th at the Scottrade Center with special guest Hunter Hayes. "I can't wait to get back out on the road and perform new music from...

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Stay Stress Free With These Tips

Posted by Audrey J. Olivieri | Posted in Looked At | Posted on 01-10-2012


No matter the cause of your stress, it is important that you try to react positively to your situation. Having a negative attitude will really only make matters worse. When one problem is gone, chances are, another one will show up. A positive focus on your life will enable you to live it in a positive and happy way, with stress kept well and truly under control.

Make sure you are organized in all aspects of your life if you would like to reduce your stress levels. The root of your stress could be, because you are unable to locate an item you need, or forgetfulness. Both of these things can lead to incredible frustration. A well-organized life will help you feel empowered, reducing your stress.

Holding grudges causes anger to build up, leading to a much more stress in your life. If you focus on things that people have done to you or that make you mad, it will just bring you down.

Try giving a friend a call when you’re feeling stressed out. Even if you don’t talk about what’s bothering you, just chatting with a friend for a little while can really relax you. It can rejuvenate you and give you the energy you need to tackle your problems with a clear head.

Sniff your way stress-free. You will enjoy the soothing fragrances of basil, bay, chamomile, thyme, lavender, rose and the oils of anise, eucalyptus and peppermint. In a small container you can add some popular scented oils and a bit of rock salt to create your own aromatherapy. Whenever stress starts to overtake you, just smell one of your favorite aromas.

Minimize stress by investing in a small bottle of fragrant spearmint oil. Apply a small amount of spearmint oil to your neck and temples when you feel stressed. A small thing such as this can greatly impact your stress level. Why not give it a try?

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