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Why do women have a strong O in China, but a weak O in Taiwan?

O = Orgasm. @ "The truth" -- Your long-winded answer is baffling and hopelessly obtuse. Are you suggesting that Taiwanese men are poor and Mainland Chinese men are rich? And that women make louder orgasms when having sex with rich men? Do you think that poor men are sexier than rich men...

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I Found a Gorgeous Chalet

I started looking for homes on the Internet about a year ago. I had no idea what I wanted, other than a home that had at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also had to be located close to where I work, which is why I started looking at sturgeon bay homes for sale. I looked for several weeks without...

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Why do women have a strong O in China, but a weak O in Taiwan?

Posted by Audrey J. Olivieri | Posted in Looked At | Posted on 30-12-2013


  1. O = Orgasm. @ "The truth" -- Your long-winded answer is baffling and hopelessly obtuse. Are you suggesting that Taiwanese men are poor and Mainland Chinese men are rich? And that women make louder orgasms when having sex with rich men? Do you think that poor men are sexier than rich men due to their poverty? I can only assume that you don't have much money and envy the girlfriends of successful men. Don't worry, be happy, and a big fat woman will eventually be your girlfriend. Good luck.

    Answer by The truth
    Because there are more foreigners in China than in Taiwan. Maybe foreigners know how to make a Chinese women more happy than their Chinese counterparts. This Chinese viral hit maybe the answer made be average Chinese girls. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZCvZM6k4LE http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ5MDY4ODY0.html Translated Marrying the right person is the biggest wish Asking you if you have a car, asking you if you have a house My mother will also ask you how much savings you have If you have no car, if you also have no house Hurry move aside and don’t block my way I also have a car, I also have a house As well as RMB in the bank If you guys aren’t even as capable as me Don’t depend on me, I’m not your mother You don’t have a car, you don’t have a house Don’t expect to get a beauty into bed Pretending to be poor, you only drive a lousy BMW Don’t pretend you’re a rich guy who can keep me as his mistress You don’t have a car, you don’t have a house Yet you still want to get married and be a groom If your life isn’t well off Why should I accompany you in wandering You say I am realistic/practical, that I may as well admit You can call me a gold-digger and I won’t feel hurt A man after all should be like a man Without a car, without a house, forget about finding a bride As we all know a way to a drive a rich man wild is to have loud orgasms and can you tell if ones fake. OooOoooOOO yes such a good question. Edit: BShimwomen, you are obliviously more denser than you look. I get the feeling you must be one of those voyeurs who creeps around hotel rooms listening on the room of other people whewww so perverted.

  2. Im O positive but i have negative antibodies and i was wondering how i got the negative antibodies. Ive never heard of anyone with this. And While i was pregnant a nurse seemed a bit surprised about it. I probably should of asked back then But i've only really started thinking about it lately and Wonder if my daughter will have the same.

    Answer by Steve B
    o pos has nothing to do w/antibodies nobody is born w/antibodies of this type ya only develop these if ya were given a unit of blood in past ya want to be antibody neg

  3. My poor jack o' lantern is all deformed now, this is the second year in a row. How can I prevent it in the future?

    Answer by odandme
    bunny..... spray it with hairspray, the pumpkin not the bunny

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Your site may wish to learn – Simple Tips On Parenting From The Experts

Posted by | Posted in Looked At | Posted on 29-03-2014


Hand gestures can aid in disciplining your child when all other methods are failing. This gives your child a warning that he or she is acting up, and they need to correct the action before further discipline is taken.If you have adopted a child, be prepare for the questions that will inevitably arrive when your child learns that he or she has been adopted. Most adopted children want to know where it is they came from at one point or another, so make sure you are someone they can turn to. Don't make up stories that are not true about their original family because they may start to resent you later. Setting up an annual savings goal, and sticking to it, is a good suggestion on how to accomplish this. As a parent, you can not dip into this savings Click This Link Click This Link

Reduce Your Stress With These Great Tips

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Music can be an effective part of a stress reduction program. Music has been shown to be very soothing if you listen to slow and soothing tunes. Pick the type of music that you love because not everyone likes the same types of music. Additionally, soothing music can help your breathing and also relaxes your mind. Smiling is a great tension reliever. Smiling typically happens when someone is happy. Smiling when you are stressed can cause you to feel more relaxed and happy. So just try smiling and see how much better you feel after. You will calm down and notice how much your stress has eased, when you can smile in the face of adversity. Consider adding aromatherapy into your routine for lowering your stress throughout the day. Your sense of Click This Link

All You Need To Know About Debt Consolidation

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Always call your state's consumer protection agency before signing anything with a debt consolidation agency. Make sure the agency is properly registered, has a valid license and no complaints filed. You should not work with a professional who is about to lose their license because of complaints filed by consumers.Consider a bill consolidation service to help with your monthly debt. When you seek to consolidate debt, paying monthly bills to individual companies can create confusion and missed payments. Use a consolidation service that will pay these providers for you. You supply them with one lump sum each month and they will quickly dole it out for you automatically.Try using a debt consolidation service to pay down your debt. When you look Click This Link

Homeschooling: You Can Do It And Do It Good

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Do not expect homeschooling to work seamlessly right from the start. It can take up to a year before you settle into a good flow with homeschooling. Even though you have educated yourself about the process before beginning, the skill to make it all work smoothly takes some time to develop. Exercise patience and you will be more successful. Define an area in your home where teaching is to take place. While it may be tempting to let your child do their work anywhere, it's important to have a defined area in the home that is dedicated to 'school'. This area needs to be quiet, well-lit and free of all distractions.If you are homeschooling your children, remember that you do not have to operate on a strict schedule. There are opportunities to learn Click This Link

What Fast Food Place is That?

Posted by Joseph D. Silva | Posted in Looked At | Posted on 19-09-2013


Corporate Identity | UK LogoI knew that we had to change our eating habits when our eighteen month old daughter would pass a fast food place and yell out the name of the place when she could not read. She knew the name of the place simply by looking at the logo design of the restaurant when we passed it. I thought that it was going to be in trouble with my parents who say that we do not cook enough and we go out to eat way too often. I knew that this was not good and did not want my daughter to think that eating out every single day was good. I did not think that it was a good thing when my daughter said she wanted to go see the clown for lunch every day when she was with my mom. My mom was the one who was going to start taking care of her while I went back to work.

I didn't know how well it was going to work but it ended up being really great. My mom ended up teaching my daughter how to love whole foods and in return, this ended up teaching me that she should be bed these foods. I noticed a difference in her attitude and her sleep habits. She had more energy but was going down for a nap at a good time every single day. I started to cook more at home and my husband and I both lost a lot of weight as a result and I could not wait to get my daughter into a real whole food program of eating things that did not come out of a box or some sort of can. Frozen vegetables were still okay for me and I was happy to see her like eating them.

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Locating A Fantastic Vino To Match Your Meal

Posted by Audrey J. Olivieri | Posted in Looked At | Posted on 30-07-2013


If you are planning to attend a wine tasting, check to verify whether or not you need a reservation. Lots of folks err in believing that they will not need them. You might need to reserve a spot.

Take a few moments to look over your purchase before you swipe your card or hand over any cash. The level should be the same as other bottles of the same variety. It should be filled to the neck. Make sure it doesn't have any spots where it can leak. These often mean the wine was exposed to the air, which negatively affects the taste.

Let your wine breathe prior to taking a sip. You may use a carafe, a large glass, or a decanter. Add a little wine to the container. You should allow your wine to sit and breath for ten minutes before consuming it. Try it, and then sample some straight out of the bottle. There should be a pretty big difference between the two.

Acidic wines are meant to go with acidic foods, much the same as sweet wines should go with desserts. You may want to couple a vinaigrette salad with a Sauvignon Blanc. If you choose a sweet wine instead, the wine can actually taste soured when paired with acidic dishes. You need to let your wine breathe a little before you start to drink. A carafe, decanter, or a large glass will work. Simply pour the wine into the container you choose. Let it sit for around 10 minutes. Drink it from the bottle to see if it is of as high quality. There should be a considerable difference between the flavors.

Have fun when you are trying different brands and types of wine. Often, you will break down and analyze every aspect of wine, from its flavors and construction to what wine works appropriately with certain meals. Wine is meant to be enjoyed so make sure you test all your options so you can truly enjoy it. Keeping Spanish wines fresh can be accomplished, but their needs vary. For instance, Rioja is still great up to seven years after it is bottled. Storing your wine in a place that is dark and cool, such as a basement or closet, can really help to ensure you get the maximum flavor from your wine.

There are so many different wines to taste before you discover your favorites. But, learning what you can and using that information can help you make informed decisions while choosing and tasting wines. Always have fun, and be responsible when you drink.

Allow your wine to breathe before drinking it. Use a carafe, or a decanter, or even a big glass. Add a little wine to the container. Have the wine sit in the open air for ten minutes. Taste the wine in the container, then compare it with a drink from the bottle. You will see why it is best to allow the flavor to come out by letting it sit before you take a drink. Click This Link

Smart Debt Consolidation Loans Strategies Which Can Help

Posted by Audrey J. Olivieri | Posted in Looked At | Posted on 28-07-2013


When looking for whether to use a a number of consolidating debts company, see if they are certified by a third party firm, if at all possible the NFCC. Check them also by finding once they understand how your debt loan consolidation situation will probably be influenced by your state's legal guidelines. Every single express is unique, and you will need a registered and qualified financial debt expert that knows about the numerous laws by suggests.

Do you feel that debt management is the answer to your issues? If you are able to start getting a handle on your debt in the near term due to better money management, you save money in the long run and find sound financial footing far faster. What you need it find is a company willing to negotiate on your behalf to help get you of debt as quickly as possible. Attempt to settle your least expensive financial obligations initially. A lot of lenders will give you a one time payment resolution volume. If you are paying off small financial obligations employing a lump sum payment settlement, you save as much as 30 percent on every single costs. By paying your cheapest obligations off very first, you may use any additional cash to cover toward your bigger financial obligations.

The best loan to get when you want to consolidate your debt is a secured loan. You will find that interests rate are lower and you are able to attain more capital. If you attempt to get an unsecured loan, you may end up in a worse situation than you started off in.

Pick the debt consolidation company you use wisely. Just as with many other decisions you make, you should compare companies first. How long have they been in business for? What is their reputation like? Are their fees reasonable or too high? These are all questions you need to think about before picking a company. Click This Link

Top Tips On Furnishings For Your House

Posted by Audrey J. Olivieri | Posted in Looked At | Posted on 26-07-2013


The price of furniture can be a bit high. Sometimes, used furniture is the way to go. You can find furniture that's in fantastic condition but used in various stores, in classified ads, or garage sales. After taking possession of the furniture, you can always get it reupholstered. This can save you a lot of money. Consider taking someone with you to the store when you are shopping for furniture. This can be a family member, a trusted friend or a fashion forward neighbor. This person is your second set of eyes, and they might notice small details that you have missed. They can also help you to negotiate price if you find that perfect piece. Finding the perfect chair, sofa, loveseat or table for your home can be quite a task. Whether you Click This Link

Follow These Travel Methods For A Much Better Vacation

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If you are bringing a pet, you need to find a hotel that will allow that and see what type of fees they charge. Make sure that you take the time to research a variety of different hotels in order to get the best place for your money, as well as to make sure you get a place that meets both you and your pet's needs.Most people don't have fun planning a trip but they do have fun traveling. While it may be a daunting task, planning your trip can make the experience more enjoyable. The following advice can help you plan an easy and fun trip. Don't wait until you're on an actual cruise to figure out if you will get seasick. Waiting until you're already on the cruise can be terrible. You will be, more than likely, sick in bed for the duration of Click This Link

Apnea: Learning To Inhale Easy!

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If you are suffering from sleep apnea, it affects the quality of your life each day by making you tired and less energetic. If you are so tired from sleep apnea as to be thoroughly exhausted all day, it is unsafe, and you must correct the situation. Avoid driving a car or operating any type of heavy machinery.Keep in contact with your practitioner after you find out you have sleep apnea. He or she will be able to give you solid information on living with your condition. If you plan on attempting a new treatment, meet with your doctor a month after trying it to discuss its effectiveness. A common reason that people have sleep apnea is due to the extra pounds on their bodies. So if you have sleep apnea, and you are overweight, then try to shed Click This Link

Green Energy And What It Really Method For Your Long term

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Keep written track to remind yourself of your green energy goals, and look for progress in your energy consumption by comparing current bills to the previous year's. Keeping energy usage at the forefront of your mind can motivate you to use less energy in the long run. For example, if you make a conscious effort to cut down on your water or electricity usage, then you are more likely to make a habit out of shutting off unused lights or appliances. When not being used, turn things off. When you exit a room, be sure to turn off any unused electronics or lights. You can save a lot of money on energy by investing into a new power strip for all of your electronics and turning it off when those electronics aren't in use. One easy way to go green Click This Link

Growing Older Gracefully: Ageing Recommendations You Can Utilize These days

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Avoid environmental extremes. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can have a damaging effect on the skin. This may lead not only to severe diseases such as skin cancer but also to premature aging. If you smoke, take the steps necessary to stop immediately, in order to look your best. Smoking can increase the amount of wrinkles on your skin and will thin your lips, which will make you look less attractive. Smoking is also tied to a number of health problems that can shorten your lifespan. Exercising is especially important as you age. As your body gets older, it needs to stay active more to remain strong and flexible. Try to do a half hour walk, five days a week. Have two strength-training sessions per week. This will help you stay in great Click This Link

Are You Presently Searching for Information About Soccer? Then Take A Look At These Superb Advice!

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It is against the rules to use any part of your hands or arms, from shoulder to fingertips, to control a soccer ball that is in play. You can use your feet, knees, thighs, stomach, chest and head. Be careful though. A head shot can hurt and you cannot control the ball well with your knees.Know what foods to eat before and after you play. Try to avoid eating immediately before a game, and instead try to have a nutritious meal between 2 and 4 hours before. This will ensure you are fueled and ready to play but not still digesting your meal. After a game, try to eat some protein and carbohydrates within 45 minutes so your muscles continue to develop. Fruit makes a great snack that can also keep you hydrated. First-timers will have to process Click This Link

I Found a Gorgeous Chalet

Posted by Joseph D. Silva | Posted in Looked At | Posted on 15-07-2013


Fleetwood Custom Motorhome Skirting Chocolate Brown Color in ...I started looking for homes on the Internet about a year ago. I had no idea what I wanted, other than a home that had at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also had to be located close to where I work, which is why I started looking at sturgeon bay homes for sale. I looked for several weeks without getting excited about any of them, but that all changed when I came across a charming chalet that had everything I could want in a home.

I loved that it was situated on two acres. I didn't want a remote setting, but I loved that I could let my dogs out to play without worrying about the neighbors complaining about their barking. I also liked that there was a detached garage that had a bathroom in it. The previous owners really made sure they were comfortable, and I was thankful for that because the more I looked at it, the more I loved it. I knew that I would be able to set up a great workshop in the garage, which is one of the main things I was looking for.

The house itself was absolutely gorgeous too. I never even considered a chalet before, but it was perfect for my tastes. The interior had a lot of homemade wooden accents that just added to the charm. I looked at all of the pictures on the website, and it was not long before I was taking a view of the house. I made an offer right there on the spot, and I was happy that it was accepted without having to negotiate. I knew that it was a fair price, so I didn't go too low with my offer. I am glad that I was patient when I first started looking at houses. Otherwise, I may have settled for something rather than finding the home that is meant for me.

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Clever Credit Card Suggestions You Must Know

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A good credit card can be a lifeline in a number of financial jams. Must you pay for something but find yourself short of cash? This is not an issue. Pull out your credit card, and you will be on your way. Are you trying to build your credit score? The process can be simple with a credit card. Continue reading for more great tips. If you have multiple credit cards that you use regularly, you should try and prioritize their use according to their APR. In general, it is a good idea to use your lowest-interest card whenever possible. Ideally, you should be trying to minimize the amount of debt you carry from month to month. If you must carry a balance, emphasizing your low APR cards will help reduce your total interest payments. Credit cards Click This Link

Learn About Improving Your Leadership Expertise In this article

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Do you wish you were a more polished leader with all the right skills? Well, it takes time to learn what is necessary in becoming the best leader. As a matter of fact, it's something you live into as you learn more. So, put these tips in place in your life that you're about to read. Set missions and goals for everyone in your company. People need to be motivated, and goals do just that. You can't just deliver proclamations and expect that your job is finished. Have monthly meetings to see what the status is on your goals, and hold your employees accountable for getting things accomplished. Did you learn anything new in this article? If your answer is yes, then make sure to remember what you learned the next time you go to work. Use the ideas Click This Link

Basic Tricks To Assist You Look For The Best Payday Cash Loans

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Before you finalize your payday loan, make certain that you know the company's policies. Many of these companies not only require that you have a job, but that you have had it for at least 3 to 6 months. They need to be sure you're reliable and can pay back the money.The amount that you're qualified to get through your payday loan will vary. Your income level will greatly affect the amount of money that you get. The size of the loan is comparable to the amount that you earn so the lender will take this figure into account. Before getting a payday loan, you have to understand this fact.There are many different companies that offer payday loans. This type of short-term loan has acted as a lifeline for millions of struggling individuals. This Click This Link

Adhere to This Brilliant Report About Leadership To Help You

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You must inspire creativity in your team. Stepping outside your comfort zone can help you achieve things you never dreamed possible. Explore all the different possibilities and give curiosity a shot. Welcome new ideas, even if they aren't best right at this moment. You may find later that they'll work in perfect harmony as things adapt. Your decisions are crucial. Who do you trust to delegate responsibilities to others? What type of person do you hire to fill important job roles? All those decisions cause others to see you in a certain light. You'll want to avoid favoritism and reward those tho have done a good job. Realizing what it takes to know how to lead people is only recognizable when you are equipped with the right knowledge. Hopefully, Click This Link

What Exactly Is An Apple ipad tablet? Read This!

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Is your iPad getting a little slow? Is your iPad still slow, even though you have deleted everything that you are no longer using? Use iCloud to clear out more space! In most cases, this makes the iPad as fast as it once was. You should now understand how to operate your iPad to its full potential. As you educate yourself about the device, you will be amazed at all its functions. It is a great tool to have around. You do not need to tap the small camera roll icon found in the bottom left corner to look at a picture or video you have just taken. Using your finger, swipe toward the right side, and you should see your video or picture. After this, swipe left to see older content. You can't go from day to day by simply swiping the calendar function. Click This Link

Turn Into A Caffeine Grasp With These Suggestions

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You can change the flavor of coffee without switching the blend. For example, whether you add creamer or whole milk to your coffee can vary the sweetness. Flavored creamers or even rice milk work just as well. Syrups can also give you a new delicious tasting cup of coffee. It is common for novice coffee makers to brew too long or not enough. The generally accepted time frame for brewing coffee is four to five minutes. Coffee that brews for too long is sure to end up bitter. Shorter, and it may taste flat, or weak.Don't drink boring coffee! Check your cabinets for different sweeteners or flavors. Raw and brown sugars are nice alternatives to white sugar. Other flavor extracts that can make a boring old cup of coffee taste great include cocoa, Click This Link

Tips For Becoming More Out Of Your Homeopathy

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To protect your health, make sure that the acupuncture practitioner that you choose is certified by the health department in your state. Ask if they have been certified by the national board, completed the training program and passed any required exams. Also, find out how long they have been practicing. If you have a hard time moving about, find out if you can have acupuncture done at home. Lots of practitioners are glad to travel to clients if they are unable to move around. You might have to pay a bit extra, but you can get treated in your own place of residence. If you don't like something in your session, ask them politely to not do it again. Your doctor will be able to use an alternative technique. This involves having the needles heated Click This Link

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Before purchasing a car, get a good idea on how much it will cost you each month for insurance. Don't forget that insurers have a more favorable view of safer cars. Many sports cars are not favored by insurance companies. When purchasing a car, you must also account for monthly insurance premiums in your budget. Insurance terms are not easy for most people to understand. You can be confident you understand the terms in your insurance policy and are able to make good decisions by reading the information in this article You should feel good about your insurance, and you can if you're an informed customer.You may be qualified for a discount if you drive infrequently or have a short commute. Generally, you have to drive under 7,500 miles a year Click This Link